Vehicle for Hire

A Vehicle for Hire (VFH) is defined by Chapter 28 of the City of Gainesville Ordinances as any taxicab, shuttle, prearranged limousine, and any other motor vehicle with a driver transporting passengers for a fare, fee, or other charge within the city limits. The term vehicle for hire excludes:

  1. School and church buses;
  2. Sightseeing cars and buses;
  3. Ambulances;
  4. Funeral home vehicles;
  5. Interstate buses;
  6. Horse drawn carriages;
  7. Shuttles from hotels and motels which provide this as a service for guest;
  8. Passenger vehicles owned, operated, leased or controlled by a governmental agency; and
  9. Vehicle-for-hire services provided:
    1. As transportation services as outlined in F.S. § 427.015(2) to the Transportation Disadvantaged, as defined in F.S. § 427.011(1);
    2. By a transportation operator, as defined in F.S. § 427.011(6);
    3. Pursuant to a contract authorized in F.S. § 427.0155, with the community transportation coordinator (CTC), as defined in F.S. 427.011 (5) which contract is on file with the VFH administrator; and
    4. The vehicles used to provide such services shall be clearly and distinctively marked as disadvantaged transportation.

Non-motorized vehicles, also known as Pedi-cabs, are also considered a VFH with requirements specified by Chapter 28, Article II. Non-Motorized Vehicles. City ordinance defines non-motorized vehicles as any vehicle propelled by human power which is used for transporting passengers if the driver receives direct or indirect compensation for providing such transportation and includes any vehicle to which a decal has been issued pursuant to this chapter.

Some general requirements for a VFH franchise are as follows:

  • Current occupational license issued by the City of Gainesville Code Enforcement Division (if operating out of a residence)
  • Vehicles must be properly marked as approved by the City and display the required VFH decal
  • Meet the minimum insurance requirements as provided for in F.S.S. 324.032
  • Drivers must be cleared through a criminal history and driver’s license background check
  • All drivers must wear and display the appropriate driver permit issued by the City
  • All vehicles must be registered with the State of Florida as a Class 9, VFH

The requirements for VFH’s at the Gainesville Alachua County Regional Airport Authority are set forth in the airport resolution.

A VFH driver’s application will be denied if the applicant has been convicted, pled nolo conterere to, or had adjudication withheld for the following offenses:

  • Any capitol felony, first degree felony, sexual battery, violent felony involving the use of a gun/knife, or violent felony resulting in great bodily harm;
  • Any violent felony not referenced above in the previous 10 years;
  • Any felony or first degree misdemeanor directly related to the business of towing motor vehicles, repossession of motor vehicles, motor vehicle theft, carjacking or chop shops, or liens for recovering, towing or storing vehicles and vessels (F.S. § 713.78) within the previous 10 years;
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or a controlled/chemical substance to the extent that normal faculties are impaired;
  • Driving with an unlawful blood alcohol level.

Complaints of alleged violations or infractions, questions, or concerns regarding a VFH may be submitted to the Gainesville Police Department as follows: